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It is more than just pictures...

At Four J Photography, it is my goal to create a powerful, positive photography session for each senior who I photograph. In today's world where a whole generation of youth struggle to see the value and beauty within themselves, I believe that there is power in showing them that very thing. 

EVERY teen who gets in front of my camera deserves to feel worthy, strong, beautiful and empowered. Empowered to feel like that are ENOUGH, empowered to HEAL, empowered to HELP someone else who may be struggling with feeling hurt or broken.

Because it is so much more than just a senior portrait...If we can help just one young person feel like they have the self-assurance to take on life after high school, then we have made a difference.  

If our seniors take away a sense of self-worth, self-love as well as beautiful images, then hopefully they will be able to look at those images going forward with the confidence and belief that they can take on any obstacle in the next chapter of their journey. 

For you parents, our service is about preserving a time where your child is embarking on a new chapter in their life. This is a time to capture images you can cherish when they go off to school or begin their own journey into adulthood.

THAT is our why and our purpose here at Four J Photography.

Four J Photography senior sessions start at $250.

Collections, a la carte options as well as payments plans are available.  

Watch the video to learn more about senior portraits and how Jen and her team create stunning art and an unforgettable experience.


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About your Photographer

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Four J Photography is one of the premiere senior portrait and fashion photography studios in Acadiana.  Meet Jen Rickard, the photographer here at the Four J Studio.

I will document your day in the most unique way possible, capturing the story of this milestone frame by frame.



"Four J Photography isn't a business deal, it's a family. It is a powerful group of women that expresses each other's inner and outer beauty thorough the art of photography, Mrs. Jen is quirky and exuberant, and will surely help you find that sparkle inside of you that you never thought you had."

Chloe L.


From start to finish, Mrs. Jen always amazed me. She knows how to photograph not just your pretty face, but your whole personality. I’ve loved every session with Mrs. Jen and wouldn’t have wanted my pictures to turn out any other way. She is one of the kindest, most unique people I’ve ever met, and I’ve truly been blessed to have spent so much time with her these past couple of years.

Allison P.

“If you are looking for a photographer that is personal, fun and caring, Four J Photography is for you. Not only do you get beautiful senior pictures, but you also get an experience of a lifetime, you will not regret using Four J for all your photography needs.”

Annie A.

“Four J Photography is an amazing opportunity to bring out your true beauty. Throughout all the photoshoots I have been a part of, I have gotten more confident in posing in front of the camera. It's a spoiled feeling when you get to choose outfits and get your hair and makeup done so beautifully! Overall, my experience using Four J would not have been the same without the friends I have made and Momma J capturing the memories!.”

Selena P.